From Dealer to Digital Dealer to tackle digital disruption in the automotive industry.

Market surveys reveal that many consumers find dealer experience boring and bureaucratic. 
The figures are clear: 10 years ago people visited 5 dealerships before buying a car, today the average has dropped to 1.6.

In many cases the consumer comes to the dealership having already decided which model and which options to request following a decision-making process outside the dealership.

The challenge for car manufacturers is to reshape the customer journey and brand experience. The goal is to stay in touch with new consumers, expert in the use of tools and information, able to hunt down what they want and to have any product arrive on their doorstep.

Together with one of the main players in the automotive market we have embarked on a complex strategic process of digital transformation. It has impact on multiple channels, from digital to physical, in order to design the best omnichannel customer experience.

The result has been to transform traditional dealerships into a Digital Dealer equipped with an advanced ICT model that rethinks the infrastructure with a 360° vision.

The Digital Dealer thus becomes an attractive pole for consumers. The experience in the dealership is no longer just a place of purchase but an environment where the brand orchestra with various instruments – totems, digital tables, ledwall, mixed reality – an immersive and unique experience for visitors.