The value of online reviews and the great question of their reliability.

Nowadays reviews have the power to drastically influence consumer choice in both quantitative and qualitative terms, and lead consumers in their purchasing decisions. In particular, negative reviews convince 94% of consumers to abandon the brand.

The quality and number of reviews certainly have a strong impact on the intangible heritage of each brand that is its reputation.

The main online opinion-gathering platforms are subject to real campaigns to publish false reviews to attract new customers. Despite the centrality of the topic, there is no external and super partes platform, dedicated to the certification of reviews.

Trusty is the solution we have designed to counter this phenomenon and restore credibility to online reviews. With Trusty, consumers can post their opinions on available online platforms and link their review to a real shopping experience.

By joining the initiative, the operator, whether it is a restaurant, a hotel or any service or product company, can encourage its customers to leave an opinion that reflects the quality of service perceived and then intervene with actions aimed at recovering dissatisfied customers.

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