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The value of online reviews and the great question of their reliability. Nowadays reviews have the power to drastically influence consumer choice in both quantitative and qualitative terms, and lead consumers in their purchasing decisions. In particular, negative reviews convince 94% of consumers to abandon the brand. 
The quality and number of reviews certainly have a strong impact on the intangible heritage of [...]


Digital Dealer

From Dealer to Digital Dealer to tackle digital disruption in the automotive industry. Market surveys reveal that many consumers find dealer experience boring and bureaucratic. 
The figures are clear: 10 years ago people visited 5 dealerships before buying a car, today the average has dropped to 1.6. In many cases the consumer comes to the dealership having already decided which model and which [...]

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Innovation and technology to accelerate education and learning processes. Technological evolution is establishing a new context for the use of digital technology, which sees the immersive experience created by the combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as a great advantage for teaching. AR and VR may look like cutting-edge technology, but in fact their roots go back to World War II, when [...]